YAGUARA BLUE 70cl – 41,5 % Abv

Only USDA approved organic sugar cane is used. The heart of the distillate rests in stainless steel tanks for at least 8 months, whilst a number of batches are selected to be aged in “Carvalho Europeu” european oak barrels for 5/6 yrs. These two liquids are then carefully blended by the Master Blenders to create the very distinct flavour and smooth finish of Yaguara. Fruity and aromatic mature, soft structure and light acidiy, with notes of chamomille and lemon grass.

70cl – 40,5 % AbvYAGUARA BRANCA

Yaguara Branca is a classic small batch white cachaca. Having taken the heart of the distillation process the liquid is rested in inox for 8 month to breath.  The result is a fresh and smooth cachaca, cane aromas well balanced, with medium acidity and well harmonized reminiscent of herbs.

YAGUARA OURO 70cl – 41,5 % Abv

Yaguara Ouro follows the passion for exploring the new flavours and taste profiles that only Brazilian woods can provide. Ouro is aged in Cabreùca casks for a year and then spends another year in American oak. The Master Blenders then finish it off by blending in some one year amburana. Young rested cachaca, herbal and fresh cane aromas, smooth and medium acidity. Great for sipping neat and mixed in sophisticated cocktails.

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