VERMò 70cl – 17 % Abv

Vermò brings a breath of fresh air to the vermouth category. Produced in the heart of the Piedmont region in Italy, it brings together the tradition of crafting Vermouth di Torino with a more contemporary approach and design, to create a product that is both exceptional for cocktails and to drink alone. We craft Vermò using only Italian white wine, always with a percentage of Chardonnay, which combined with low sugar content and a selection of 31 botanicals provides its unique character. The spices are selected to create a perfectly balanced vermouth – fresh, spicy and citric, with a flawless harmony of sweet and bitter. Vermò was born from a dream between two friends and their will to bring vermouth back to the place it deserves as the king of the aperitivo. The “Mò” originates from a distinctive Roman expression that means “now”; a call to enjoy every single moment to the fullest. Ruby and Amber colour, citrus aromas on the nose, fresh mint and sage. On the palate citrus and herbal notes are perfectly balanced with bitter sweet aromas. Pleasant fresh and spicy end of ginger and pepper. 

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