NOCINO 70cl – 40 % Abv & NOCINO RISERVA 70cl – 42 % Abv 

Toschi has been producing the Nocino liqueur since 1945, according to the dictates of the collective mark “Tradizioni e Sapori di Modena” (Traditions and Flavors of Modena). Made according to an ancient recipe owed by the Toschi family, Nocino is one of the trademark products of the company. To get Nocino di Modena Toschi, the infusion obtained is sagely aged in precious oak barrels for over two years for our Nocino Classico and for over 5 years for the Riserva The Nocino di Modena Toschi, with its distinctive bouquet and fragrance as well as intense and unmistakable flavor, is ideal served neat and at room temperature at the end of a meal. On ice during the summer time or hot as a punch during the winter.

70cl – 24 % AbvNOCELLO

Amber-brownish liqueur, clear, with an intense taste and a delicate and fruity scent of walnut. With a delicate, fragrant flavour, Nocello is a liqueur made from walnuts. Nocello Toschi is Ideal served straight, on the rocks or chilled from the freezer. A wonderful addition to espresso coffee and cappuccino, and also a great ingredient for cocktails. 

LEMONCELLO 50cl – 28 % Abv

Lemoncello Toschi is made by steeping sicilian lemon peel in alcohol through a natural process, without added preservatives or artificial colouring. It’s an italian traditional lemon liqueur with its characteristic yellow colour, with all the fragrance and zesty taste  of lemon rinds.
Enjoyed chilled, it is excellent after meal, but can also be an ideal ingredient for cocktails.

50cl – 24 % AbvFRAGOLÌ

Brillant red liqueur with whole wild strawberries, with an intense wild strawberries taste and fruity aroma. Fragolì Toschi contains only high quality wild strawberries of medium maturity with an uniform colour and a fine appearence. The flavour of strawberries is excellent, sweet and tasty. Thanks to its versatility, it may be enjoyed any time of the day: served cold it’s a great after-meal refresher or mix it with sparkling wine for tasty italian spritz.


In 1945 two brothers named Toschi were working in a small workshop in Vignola, ltaly on the outskirts of Modena. They found themselves with an overabundant cherry harvest but not wanting to discard any of the famous black Amarena Cherries. In discovering a way to preserve them in sweet syrup they were able to enjoy them all year round. Through the years this has led topreserving other fruits including rich Italian Amarena cherries.