SETTE VIE AMARETTO 50cl – 28 % Abv

Sette Vie Amaretto is handcrafted from a perfectly balanced blend of bitter and sweet almonds, giving a velvety smooth taste. By using natural ingredients throughout the process, we ensure that every sip of our amaretto is packed with sumptuous flavours and luxurious aromas.

Sette Vie  Amaretto has distingueshed bold chocolate and almond aromas, with burnt sugar, vanilla and fudge notes. 

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By sourcing the lemons exclusively from the finest orchards in Southern Italy, Sette Vie Limoncello has a robust, yet perfectly balanced, crisp, and refreshing flavour that is unparalleled, hand-crafted for the discerning palate.

Crisp and zesty notes with a clean and refreshing finish.

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Sette Vie exlcusively sources its canteloupes from Italy, using a unique, centuries-old technique, the melons are distilled with a hint of lemon. Melon is then mixed with natural spring water from Abruzzo to create a fruity and floral liquer to be enjoyed as aperitif or as an after dinner.

Sweet melon and zesty aromas perfectly balanced for a fruity and floral taste for the palate.

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75cl – 11 % AbvSETTE VIE APERITIVO Inspired by the drinks popular in Milan during the late 1800s, Sette Vie Aperitivo is a delicately balanced, bitter-sweet liqueur perfect for making a spritz.  A refreshing aperitivo made to compliment and enhance the flavours of prosecco and champagne. Sette vie aperitivo has an intense, fresh and crisp flavour on the palate with ripe orange fruits and citrus.

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