GRAND BRULOT 70cl – 43 % Abv

Grand Brulot revives a 200 plus year old rench tradition where rich coffee was blended with cognac to create an exquisite tasty drink:the Brulot. Grand Brulot is hand-crafted by the Tardy family on their estate located in the Cognac region of France. Cellar master Christoph Tardy, a fifth-generation Cognac producer, meticulously selects the finest ‘eaux de vie’ to craft a unique VSOP Cognac which is blended with Ecuadorian 100% Robusta coffee beans selected for their concentrated richness. The blend is then aged in French oak barrels to allow the melding of flavour notes over time. This single-estate distillery hand crafts Grand Brulot with intense care and passion.

A complex flavour of rich dark roasted coffee mixed with the aromas of cinnamon, vanilla and honey that come from the cognac profile.

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