Champagne CATTIER is an independent family house and has been for over 13Generations. One of the 10 champagne houses still run by the same family with annual sales of 700 thousand bottles. Situated in Chigny-Les-Roses, in the heart of the prestigious terroir of Montagne de Reims, Champagne CATTIER exploits a vineyard of 33 hectares mainly ranked Premier Cru. It is cultivated with the level 3 HVE certification, (Haute Valeur Environmentale, Highest level). It also includes the Clos du Moulin vineyard (2,20 hectares), one of the very few Clos (enclosed vineyard) in Champagne. A unique expression defined in few words: freshness, generosity, elegance and finesse. Each cuvée displays a distinctive personality showing the different facets of our terroir: Montagne de Reims. Our secret: our passion for the Pinot Meunier which blossoms harmoniously on our terroir bringing suppleness to our champagnes.

CATTIER BRUT ICòNE 75cl – 12,5% Abv

Nose: black fruit, dried apricots and dried flowers.
Palate: round and full, ripe fruits aromas, fresh and spicy finish.
Accompaniment: Aperitif, everyday champagne.

30% Pinot Noir  –  20% Chardonnay
50% Pinot Meunier

75cl – 12,5% Abvcattier BRUT QUARTZ

Nose: aromatic complexity, notes of flowers.
Palate: fine mineral tension, pronounced white flowers aromas, light and fresh.
Accompaniment: aperitif, appetizers, sea food.

30% Pinot Noir  –  20% Chardonnay
50% Pinot Meunier

CATTIER GLAMOUR DRY 75cl – 12,5% Abv

Nose: compote fruits, honey, red fruits.
Palate: Rich, delicate and silky.
Accompaniment: Aperitif, exotic cuisine, spicy food.

30% Pinot Noir  –  10% Chardonnay
60% Pinot Meunier

75cl – 12,5% AbvCattier Glamour rosé

Nose: fruity nose, brioched savours, notes of fresh clementine, lime and vanilla.
Palate: notes of red fruits, round and gourmand.
Accompaniment: Aperitif, cocktails and dessert.

30% Pinot Noir  –  10% Chardonnay
60% Pinot Meunier

cattier Brut Premier Cru 75cl – 12,5% Abv


Nose: pleasant and complex, jasmine fruits, honey, brioche and dried fruits.
Palate: nuts, cherry brandy, cooked fruit aromas. Fresh and long finish with ginger bread’s aromas.
Accompaniment: white meat and cured meats.

25% Pinot Noir  –  40% Chardonnay
35% Pinot Meunier

75cl – 12,5% AbvCattier Brut Rosé Premier Cru

Nose: Rich and complex, dried red fruits, almond and nuts.
Palate: Fresh and full, beautiful vinosity and subtle notes of blackfruits.

20% Pinot Noir  –  40% Chardonnay

40% Pinot Meunier

75cl – 12,5% Abv

Nose: brioche and toasted bread, floral and smooth aromas of tangerine and dried apricots.
Palate: buttery and yellow fruits aromas.
Accompaniment:Fish sauce, goat cheese.

100% Chardonnay

75cl – 12,5% AbvBrut Blanc de Noirs Premier Cru

Nose: combination of pear and peach aromas, with acacia honey and lime.
Palate: structured and powerful, yellow and exotic fruits. Slighty tannic with very good lenght.
Accompaniment: hard mature cheese.

30% Pinot Noir  – 70% Pinot Meunier

cattier Brut Premier Cru Vintage
75cl – 12,5% Abv

Nose: Expressive and complex, toasted bread, blackcurrant and chocolate.
Palate: full and powerful, smooth and elegant body. Roasted notes, custard and biscuits.
Accompaniment: Grilled meat and fish

40% Pinot Noir  –  40% Chardonnay
20% Pinot Meunier

75cl – 12,5% Abvbrut nature Premier Cru 

Nose: fresh fruit such as citrus and mirabelle. Spicy notes and a hint of candy cane.
Palate: Fresh and round palate dominated by citrus and biscuits aromas.

30% Pinot Noir  –  10% Chardonnay – 60% Pinot Meunier

Clos du Moulin Premier Cru Brut Rosé 75cl – 12,5% Abv

Nose: chocolate, liquorice with soft notes of raspberry and candied orange.
Palate: elegant and well structured, long finish with red fruits aromas.
Accompaniment: Salmon, scallops, lamb, fruit dessert.

55% Pinot Noir  –  45% Chardonnay

75cl – 12,5% AbvClos du Moulin Premier Cru 

Nose: citrus, honey and dried apricots notes.
Palate: harmonious, with splendid fresh finish of exotic fruits and spicy flavours.
Accompaniment: noble fish, white and red meat. 

50% Pinot Noir  –  50% Chardonnay

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