The story of Brand «Casanova Prosecco» is founded in a passionate desire to create more than just a sparkling wine, but rather, like the Italian Masters, a work of art in a bottle. A masterpiece of lasting quality, where each bubble sparkles with the personality and charm of the legendary “Casanova”. The result, is an Italian wine of distinction and elegance. A unique and seductive Prosecco, which has already gained a reputation amongst the discerning palates of the world’s social elite. The winery founded in the middle of the last century is one of the largest in Valdobbiadene, the birth place of the Prosecco Superiore. Years of experience and expertise combined with modern methods, go together to create the finest quality. With this marriage of exceptional wines and elegant design, we present for your pleasure andenjoyment – Casanova Prosecco. Indulge your senses. The gold shimmering foil of the logo of Casanova entirely dominates the front of our Casanova Cuvée Brut. This bold and imposing profile contrasts dramatically to the romantic and intricate decoration that frames the head of Casanova. The design for this bottle encompasses all that is unapologetically luxurious about Casanova Prosecco.

Casanova prosecco 75cl – 11% Abv

Nose: light straw yellow fragrance, notes of bread crust and fresh apple.
Palate: Elegant minerality and background notes of almond.

75cl – 11% Abvcasanova doc brut

Nose: light and fresh fruit bouquets.
Palate: fresh and smooth finish follows the fresh fruits from the nose.

CAsanova superiore docg 75cl – 11% Abv

Nose: Peach, acacia and ripe golden apple
Mouth: smooth finish and well rounded acidity .

75cl – 11% AbvCasanova Rosè Cuvèe Prestige Extra Dry

Nose: pleasant bouquet of delicate fruits.
Mouth: fine and persistent perlage and unique aroma.

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